Determining the formula of hydrated salt

Determining the Formula of a Hydrate

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How to Calculate Hydrates

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Hydrated salt It is not difficult to determine the amount of water of hydration in a hydrate if you do not know its exact formula. You simply heat a small sample of hydrate to evaporate the water, and then compare the moles of water lost to the moles of anhydrous salt that remains.

A simple whole-number ratio of moles can be determined.

How do I find the formula fo this hydrated salt?

From the masses of vaporized water and of the anhydrous ionic salt, determine the formula of the hydrate. Procedure (Details) Each student will work individually.

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A salt with associated water of crystallization is known as a structure of hydrates can be quite elaborate, because of the existence of hydrogen bonds that define polymeric structures.

Water of crystallization

Historically, the structures of many hydrates were unknown, and the dot in the formula of a hydrate was employed to specify the composition without indicating how the water is bound. Determine the empirical formula of an unknown hydrate and the percentage or anhydrous salt The hydrated salt loses mass as the anhydride is formed.

When no further mass loss is observed the process is complete. A change in appearance from crystalline to powdery form 56 EXPERIMENT 4: COMPOSITION OF A HYDRATE. Determine the formula of a hydrate Problems #1 - Go to the ten hydrate examples was dissolved in water and re-crystalized.

Care was taken to isolate all the lithium perchlorate as its hydrate. The mass of the hydrated salt obtained was g.

The concentration of the solution was determined to be M. Determine the formula .

Determining the formula of hydrated salt
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