The himalayas young fold mountains essay

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The Himalayas – Young Fold Mountains Essay Sample

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How Mountains Are Formed Essay

As of them occurred in Pre-Cambrian alterations betweenmillion news ago. Difference between the Himalayan and the Peninsular River System! Himalayan River System: 1. These rivers occupy large basins and catchment area. 2. The Himalayan rivers flow through deep l-shaped valleys called gorges which have been carved out by down cutting carried on side by side with the uplift of the Himalayas.

They signify ante­cedent drainage. The Himalayas mountains are young weak and flexible in their geological structure unlike the rigid and Peninsular block. Consequently, they are still subjected to the interplay of exogenic and en­dogenic forces, resulting in the development of faults, folds, and thurst plains.

The Himalayas are known to be young fold mountains. Young, because these have been formed relatively recently in the earth's history, compared to older mountain ranges like the Aravallis in India, and the Appalachian in the USA.

Earthquakes Volcanoes and Mountain Ranges. Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountain Ranges Volcanoes, earthquakes and many of the great, in size, mountains (the Himalayas, Rockies, Urals, Alps, and the Appalachians) will all be marked on my map at some point in this project.

Now just let me tell you some interesting facts about some of these topics. The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world and extend west-east between the Indus and the Brahmaputra in an arcuate form.

Their length is about km and breadth on an average km. Physical features: The Himalayas are young fold mountains. The Himalayas - Young Fold Mountains The Himalayas – Young Fold Mountains The Himalayas are known to be young fold mountains.

Young, because these have been formed relatively recently in the earth's history, compared to older mountain ranges like the Aravallis in India, and the Appalachian in the USA.

The himalayas young fold mountains essay
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