The moonstone commentary

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Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

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Commentary on Collins’s Choice of Narrators in The Moonstone

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The Moonstone Analysis

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The Moonstone Commentary Essay A Focus on Setting The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins () Part 1 – Lines 1 to 16 From the very first description of the story’s setting, the audience is already presented with a comparison of mood to atmosphere.

The Moonstone became Collins’s last great literary success, published at the end of an extraordinarily productive period which saw four successive novels become best-sellers. After The Moonstone he wrote novels with more specific social commentary, which did not achieve the same audience.

Moonstone Commentary Essay In life there is no turning back into the past to try to change what could have happened, for it is physically impossible, and the future will always be affected by the choices we made in the past. Gabriel Betteredge, steward to Lady Verinder, born Julia Herncastle, has been asked by Franklin Blake, Lady Verinder's nephew, to write a full account of the events surrounding the theft of the Moonstone from Lady Verinder's house.

Feb 09,  · If you actually read The Moonstone, you’ll notice, first of all, that the whole question of India and the “Hindoos” who seek the jewel is a bit of a red herring.

English xenophobia is not the point of this novel at all; what Collins’s plot really does is allow him to examine the myriad ways in which the society he depicts fails to exercise imaginative compassion.

The moonstone commentary
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