The use of the rorschachto to differentiate between unipolar and bipolar disorders

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How Unipolar Depression Is Different From Bipolar Depression?

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Differences between bipolar and unipolar depression on Rorschach testing

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The bipolar-unipolar distinction in patients with a major depressive episode is the most important issue related to the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders, but remains unresolved. This study was undertaken to compare bipolar and unipolar depression on. Unipolar depression is a mental disorder that results in a patient having episodes of low-mood, low self-esteem, loss of interest, loss of pleasure in enjoyable activities.

Bipolar and unipolar disorders are two conditions that are often confused as being the same because of the similarities in the name.

The Use of the Rorschach to Differentiate Unipolar and Bipolar is orders Hedy K.

How Unipolar Depression Is Different From Bipolar Depression?

Singer The distinction between bipolar and unipolar disorders has been bipolars in the Rorschach literature, there are several studies that may help. One finding of particular importance was that bipolar depressed subjects, like bipolar manic and unlike unipolar depressed subjects, showed a high level of cognitive slippage.

These results suggest that the Rorschach possesses utility in the differential diagnosis of affective disorders. The Use of the Rorschach to Differentiate Unipolar and Bipolar is orders Hedy K. Singer The Medical College of Pennsylvania The distinction between bipolar and unipolar disorders has been based on a variety of lines of evidence such as a differential pharmacological response, variation in the clinical course, and differences in concordance.

The Rorschach and Bipolar DisorderSinger, Hedy K., Brabender, Virginia. (Spring, ). The Use of the Rorschachto Differentiate Unipolar and Bipolar Disorders. Journal of Personality Assessment. 60, The article begins by stating that the DSM-II.

The use of the rorschachto to differentiate between unipolar and bipolar disorders
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Differences between bipolar and unipolar depression on Rorschach testing